I am an IT guy by profession and family handy man jack of all trades on the weekends. I have been a technology enthusiast since I built my first computer and that was also my first computer. I am the person who reads about a topic then does it. I find all the information on the topic I can until I am satisfied that I can do it. This is how I have learned home plumbing, electrical work, carpenter, automotive repair, welding, brewing beer, new cooking techniques and so much more.


This Blog


This is a place to chronicle my experiences, successes, and (need to think of another word or phrase for failure). You will find my sometimes (ok most of the time) bad humor with recipes, how to’s (how I did it), how not to’s (how it didn’t work), reviews of the tools I use and assorted bits of knowledge. I will do my best to always include references and links to more information where needed or where someone else explains it better.